31st December 1999

Last update of the year today. As you can see I used the christmas break to finally do something with the menu, hopefully it should be fairly obvious how to work the file selector! (Just in case: Move your mouse pointer over the arrows to scroll up and down, move it off again to stop scrolling. Click on a letter to select it.) This was (highly) modified from a nice piece of java script I found on this months .Net magazine written by Thomas Brattli and you can find his site at http://www.bratta.com. It also has the advantage of being small (unlike most of the alternatives I tried!) which will hopefully keep loading times down to a minimum.

Finished updating the 0-A section with the new style info boxes, this took an age to do so DezE has now taken over this task for the files I have already completed. This frees me up to do other things (like actually making some forward progress!), and he has done the B's and the D's for this weeks update.

On the down side, after the initial flood of hits here following our mention on Vintage Gaming Network the other week we seem to have settled down to around 50 hits or so a day (Presumably the same 50 people - thanks whoever you are). Nobody seems to want to mention us in the news either! If you have a site of your own it would be appreciated if you could give us a mention. (Don't forget to email us so we can give you a mention in return!)


24th December 1999

We're doing a slightly early update this week because of Christmas.

Thanks to  The Vintage Gaming Network giving us a mention the other day we finally got some hits, quite a lot in fact (838 in 1 Day). This is very encouraging as we weren't expecting quite that much interest, We hope you like what you see so far and rest assured that I'm working as fast as I can to get everything else up for you especially now I know that someone else actually wants this.

We would also like to give a special mention to Bish at Emugaming (Home of RetroFx, UltraHLE, and Jagulator) for his encouragement. Most of you will probably have already heard of them, if not you really should visit these excellent sites.

This weeks update is the C's, you'll also notice now that the info box for each game stays the same size in every resolution  which looks much better if your not using 800x600. Unfortunately this means that the 0-B's need changing as well and I'm out of time for this weeks update. (Red5)

15th December 1999.

We got permission from the Scribe this week to continue with the site, he even gave us a nice quote to use.

"It's shaping up to be a 'G3O Lite' for those folks who only need the down and dirty on Genesis games. Looks like they're off to a good start."
                                 - The Scribe

I decided to make it a little clearer that this is basically an enhanced version of the text based G3 by adding the line in the title  and including a link direct to the Scribe's own online G3 (the G3O).

Also managed to make some minor improvements to the site, for example the links should now open in a full window instead of this frame (don't you just hate it when that happens!), and added the B's for this weeks update. All being well we intend announcing the site on friday or saturday with weekly updates every friday after that, although that might get a little messed up over the next couple of weeks with christmas and new year. (Red5)

9th December 1999.

Welcome to the Genesis Project from Red5 and DezE.

This started out as a Sega Genesis/Mega Drive reference guide for my own use (Red5), and is largely based upon the work of Sam Pettus' Genesis Game Guide (The "G3") - see the links page for more info, and DezE (site maintainer) finally convinced me to put it on-line for the benefit of everyone else.

So what is it?

Put simply it is a mini review of all the Genesis/Mega Drive games released including screen shots and compatibility notes for KGen98 by Steve Snake and GenecystXXX by Bloodlust software. Forgotten what a game is or looking for something different to play but fed up with picking games at random? Can't get a game to work or can't remember the settings you used last time? Easy just look in the guide and all will be reveled! If this is your first time on the site I would recommend looking at the FAQ pages to get a feel for the general layout of the game pages and the default settings I have used for the Emulators.

Unfortunately this site is under heavy construction (like most other sites) and the guide is not yet finished! We have posted the 0-A section for the moment to test the web code (This is our first site) and to gauge the response from the emulation and Sega Genesis communities. Our eventual aim is to put the entire G3 into a more eye-catching format, including cross referencing all the files (not feasible until the guide is complete), with a bias towards English language versions (we're British).

P.S. Sorry about the crappy menu bar I'll try and jazz it up a little for next weeks update. (Red5)