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Based on the "G3" by the Scribe. Also see the "G3O" the Scribe's own Online Version of the G3.


18th February 2000

The N's and O's are now up and ready for you to browse through (You can just click on the up arrow from 0-A if you want to go straight to these files!). I also got around to tidying up the B's (Mostly changes to the Game Genie files.). You should also have noticed our new logo at the top of this page, in fact if you visited earlier in the week you'll have seen it already because we put that up on monday.

We're starting to fall behind a bit here, not surprising really since we've put up about 5 to 6 months work in just 21/2 months! It's not certain at this point if I'm going to have the P's ready for next week or not - I should have them finished by today with the Game Genie pages to be done over the weekend, but I'm barely halfway through - so don't be too surprised if there isn't an update next week.

OK that's the bad news, now for the good news - DezE has now taken on a much more active role in the project (once he'd finished tidying up the I-K's he had nothing to do!) and is currently getting the R's ready for me. Hopefully this will mean that by the time I've finished the P's over half the work will have been done for me which should put things back on track again.

See you next week (I hope!)


11th February 2000

We seem to be doing much better with our new file selector, we've only had 1 complaint (so far!), unlike the old JavaScript version which caused no end of problems. The 1 complaint we did have was that it can sometimes be a bit slow but I've made a few changes today which will hopefully resolve that problem a little. Also you can now press the UP arrow from "0-A" to get straight to this weeks update which is the L's & M's, the animation is a little screwy but I'm not making 2 animations only to delete them with the next update!

Also Added :
Advanced Daisenryaku (aka Military Commander), Death & Return of Superman, Dragons Eye - Shanghai 3, Kyouukyou Tiger (aka Tiger Heli, Twin Cobra).

Fixed broken Links :
Batman & Robin (The Adventures of), Dungeons & Dragons - Warriors of the Eternal Sun, Itchy & Scratcy, Joe & Mac - Caveman Ninja.

On a down note now, our copier finally gave up the ghost after we came back off holiday, and we have been unable to fix it. If anyone has a copier they are willing to part with then please get in touch! (If you live near the Manchester area I might even be able to come and collect it myself).