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Based on the "G3" by the Scribe. Also see the "G3O" the Scribe's own Online Version of the G3.


26th May 2000

The W's are ready today, a whole week earlier than promised! I'm not even going to guess how long it will take to do the X-Z section, although it's pretty small so it shouldn't take too long (famous last words!).

Other Genesis related news:

Atani has  posted a few pictures of his multi console emulator, SegaEmu, running Genesis games. Obviously all that work on ports for other people paid off! No release as yet though.

Sega Ages has been updated to version 0.19asp. This fixes a few more of the 32X games (Virtua Racing etc.) but it still lacks sound and is extremely slow and not really usable yet (unless you have an incredibly fast machine.).


19th May 2000

The U's and V's are ready this week as promised (for a change I actually managed to keep to my schedule.), and with any luck the W's should be ready in about 2 weeks time.

Gens was updated today (to Version 0.54), literally minutes before my deadline! The Gens homepage has also moved you can now find it Gens HERE. This is an awesome emulator and my testing currently has it running about 90% of the games and the new version looks like it fixes a lot of problems, unfortunately it's my sister's wedding this weekend so I'm not going to be able to do anything with this until monday at least.

A few people have e-mailed over the last few weeks pointing out "missing" games/reviews, I am actually aware of this problem and think I have now found all the missing Roms ready for review (apart from the games which have never been dumped of course.). It was decided rather than stop and fill in the gaps it would be better to press ahead and get to the end instead and add missing reviews afterwards in the general tidy up. (see 4th May when 2 new reviews were added to the 0-A section).

A couple of people have complained about harsh reviews of their favourite game/s and we would like to point out that these (mostly) come from the Scribe's text G3 (See link above!) largely unmodified from their original format, and this is well known for it's biting comments. If you really don't like a review instead of whining like a bunch of playground children (my games better than yours so nyah!) why don't you do something constructive instead, like writing an alternative review for instance! I will always take a look at these ( keep them relatively short, no 10 page essays please!) although it might take me a while to actually get round to doing anything with them. However I reserve the right to ignore you as well, if I think a game stinks to high heaven I'll say so!


13th May 2000

The T's are finally ready, sorry for the delay. They were supposed to be ready yesterday but Gens testing held me back a little bit, in fact I literally only just finished them which is why the news is so short this week!

I've already made a good start on the next section (U-w) though so with any luck the U's and V's might be ready for next week.


4th May 2000

The T's still aren't ready (Boo!), but the A's have had a major update:

Added Gens compatibility notes to the 0-A's, this meant a redesign of the info box / compatibility notes .... hope you like it.

Added the 2 missing games from this section : A Q Renkan Awa & Ah! Harimanada (Aka Sumo Wrestling).

Changed quite a few of the screen shots (hopefully for better ones).

Cleaned up the manuals for Aladdin and Alex Kidd a bit and added a table of contents / hyperlinks to these.

Moved RevolutionX and Super Airwolf into the correct directories.

Deleted Ambition of Caesar - to be replaced later with Warrior of Rome (English version).

Now for other Genesis related news:

(As always go to either EmuHQ or Vintage Gaming or the emulators homepage to download the files.)

Generator was updated to version 0.15 (Dos & Linux), and Atani released the WinDoze port (Generator32).