Game Crusader of Centy
(Raguna Centy / Soleil)
Author/Vendor Nextech / Sega
Released 1994
Game Type RPG
Language English
Gens (0.92)
All has been peaceful and serene for as long as anybody can remember - that is, until the monsters came. Creatures from the time before the light have once again appeared in the land, destroying at will and increasing their number. You, a young boy just entering into manhood, are destined to follow in your father's footsteps and defend all that is good from the evil that is threatening all that you hold dear.

The similarites between this game and Zelda 3 [for the SNES] in terms of graphics and gameplay cannot be mere coincidence. The quality is also a close copy, so this is worth the look if you liked Zelda. Now, if only your animal helpers didn't look so cheesy as they follow you around - they're always one step behind you, which means they sometimes hover over pits and pass through walls!