Game Gauntlet 4
Author/Vendor Atari / Tengen
Released 1993
Game Type Shoot 'em up / RPG
Language English
Set RasterFX to FULL. No Multi-Tap (3/4 Player) Support!
Change VBlank to 3150 (default 2150). Turn H-Interrupts ON.
No Speech! No Multi-Tap (3/4 Player) Support!
Gens (0.98)
Click Here for Multi-Tap setup!
The granddaddy of multiplayer fantasy arcade games is back in a new and enhanced version written specifically for the Genesis (or so I understand). Take your pick of four different warriors - barbarian, valkyrie, elf, and sorcerer - and go toe-to-toe with hordes of evil mean nasty uglies in the ultimate coin-op dungeon crawler.

I can't say enough about Gauntlet, especially this version. You can play the originals, or the new RPG mode with all-new levels and a credible story to boot. Bring your friends over and waste a few weekends on this classic.