Game John Madden Football (91)
Author/Vendor High Score Productions
/ TH*Q /Electronic Arts
Released 1991
Game Type Sports
Language English
Turn RasterFX ON. EA splash screen not displayed!
Gens (0.99)
One of the excellent celebrity endorsed football games by one of the true legends of the sport. For those of you unfamiliar with American pro football, John Madden started out as a player, then moved on to become a coach, then after retiring became one of the game's most popular television sportscasters. The basic game engine and outstanding gameplay remained the same throughout, with all the usual tweaking and fiddling with the graphics, sound, and user options. It really doesn't matter which one in the series you play - they're all worth the trouble. The series spawned many imitators over the years, but few came close to matching this football gaming classic.

The first game from this legendary series of American football games. John Madden Football ('91) features over 100 of Coach Madden's own plays and has team stats coming out of the wazoo. Impressive in itself and set the benchmark for other football games, but the sequels are far superior.