Game Road Rash
Author/Vendor Electronic Arts
Released 1991
Game Type Racing
Language English
Major graphics problems!
Gens (1.00)
Strap on your helmet, kickstart your bike, and get ready to shove your opponent into oncoming traffic! Road Rash blends the thrilling speed of motorcycle road racing with the no-holds-barrd excitement and danger of a street fight. Non-stop action from start to finish - avoid angry motorists and fight off attacks from your fellow racers. The racing is unsanctions, unofficial, unnerving, and certainly unlawful.

Stiff-arming, side kicks, and the occasional crowbar or chain laid across the ol' visor will do much to help you win the race, so long as you find time to pay attention to the road as well. A fun racing game in the Mad Max mould which spawned two sequels on the Genesis and more on other platforms, as well as a host of imitators and one derivant - Skitchin'.