Game M G S
 Caesars Palace  
 Sylvester & Tweety in Cagey Capers      G
 Cal Ripkin Jr Baseball  
 Calibre 50      G
 California Games  
 Campeonato Argentino (see International Superstar Soccer Deluxe)  
 Cannon Fodder          S
 Captain America & the Avengers  
 Captain Lang (see High Seas Havoc)  
 Captain Planet & the Planeteers  
 Capt'n Havoc (see High Seas Havoc)  
 Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse      G
 Castlevania Bloodlines      G S
 Castlevania The New Generation (see Castlevania Bloodlines)  
 Centurion - Defender of Rome      G
 Chakan - The Forever Man      G S
 Champions World Class Soccer  
 Championship Bowling  
 Championship Pool  
 Championship Pro-Am  
 Chaos Engine  
 Chaos Engine 2  
 Chase HQ 2  
 Chavez 2 (see Boxing Legends of the Ring)  
 Cheese Cat-Astrosphe starring Speedy Gonzales  
 Chelnov (See Atomic Runner)  
 Chester Cheetah - Too Cool to Fool  
 Chester Cheetah 2 - Wild Wild Quest      G
 Chi Chis Pro Challenge  
 Chibi Maruko-Chan - Waku Waku Shopping  
 Chiki Chiki Boys  
 Chinese Chess  
 Chuck Rock          S
 Chuck 2 - Son of Chuck          S
 Clocktower (Jantei Mongatari)  
 Clue          S
 Coach K College Basketball  
 Cold Shadow (see Donald Duck in Maui Mallard)  
 College Football 96  
 College Football 97 - The Road to New Orleans  
 College Football's National  Championship  
 College Football's National  Championship 2  
 College Slam          S
 Columns      G S
 Columns 3 - Revenge of Columns      G
 Combat Aces  
 Combat Cars          S
 Comix Zone M G S
 Conquering the World 3  
 Contra Hardcorps M G
 Cool Spot      G S
 Corporation (see Cyber Cop)  
 Cosmic Spacehead  
 Crack Down      G
 Crayon Shin Chan  
 Crossfire      G
 Crue Ball  M    S
 Crusader of Centy  M    S
 Crying (see Bio-Hazard Battle)  
 Crystals Pony Tale  
 Curse          S
 Cutthroat Island  
 Cyber Cop  
 Cyberball      G S
 Cyborg Justice          S

Good Gen List: C