Game M G S
 T2 the Arcade Game      G
 Tagia Drama Taiheiki  
 Taikou Rishinden  
 Taiwan Tycoon  
 Take the A-Train  
 Tale Spin  
 Target Earth      G
 Task Force Harrier EX      G
 Taz Mania      G
 Techno Clash      G
 Technocop      G
 Tecmo Cup Football Game  
 Tecmo Super Baseball  
 Tecmo Super Bowl      G
 Tecmo Super Bowl 2  
 Tecmo Super Bowl 3  
 Tecmo Super Hockey  
 Tecmo Super NBA Basketball  
 Tecmo World Cup 92  
 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Hyperstone Heist      G
 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Tournament Fighters      G
 Test Drive 2 - the Duel  
 Terminator      G
 Terminator 2 Judgment Day      G
 Theme Park  
 Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends  
 Thunder Force 2      G
 Thunder Force 3      G
 Thunder Force 4 M
 Thunder Fox      G
 Thunder Pro Wrestling (see  Fire Pro Wrestling Gaiden)  
 The Tick      G
 Time Killers  
 Tin Head  
 Tin Tin in Tibet  
 Tiny Toons Acme All-stars  
 Tiny Toons Adventures - Buster's Treasure Hunt      G
 TNN Bass Tournament of Champions  
 TNN Outdoors Bass Tournament 96  
 Todds Adventures in Slime World  
 Toe Jam & Earl      G
 Toe Jam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron      G
 Toki      G
 Tom & Jerry - Frantic Antics  
 Tommy Lasorda Baseball      G
 Top Gear 2  
 Top Pro Golf  
 Top Pro Golf 2  
 Toughman Contest  
 Toxic Crusaders  
 Toy Story      G
 Trampoline Terror!      G
 Triple Play Gold  
 Trouble Shooter      G
 Troy Aikman NFL Football  
 True Lies  
 Truxton      G
 Turbo Outrun  
 Turrican      G
 Twin Cobra M G
 Twin Hawk  
 Twinkle Tale  
 Twisted Flipper (see Crue Ball)  
 Tyrants - Fight Thru Time