Stop! Thief!

The Bonanza Bros., Mike
and Spike, two of the most
famous investigators
around, get a strange
phone call one day. The
caller doesn't reveal his
name- he only asks the
Bonanzas to meet him, at a

special time and place. They hesitate at first, but the
caller's last words stick in their minds. "I'm certain that
this will prove to be a very lucrative partnership..."

Mike and Spike arrive at the
boarded-up front of what use to
be a geocery store. "He said we
should go on in," says Mike, and
in they go, wondering just what's
going on.

"Yo! Anybody here?" shouts Spike
into the darkness. Suddenly a
sharp click and a flash of light
send the Bonanzas diving for

"It's a set up!" they yell. They lift up their heads slowly
to check the room. The TV has been mysteriously turned
on, and a figure begins speaking to them.

"I can't give you my name. I'll just tell you that I'm a
businessman with a problem. Many of my properties
have been targets for robbery re-cently. I don't know why
they've been hit, but it's become quite a costly situation.
I need the two of you, the renowned Bonanza Brothers,
to test my security forces. I have already had various