DIFFICULTY: Select an Easy, Normal, or Hard game.

PLAYER: Select the value of 1 Credit. You can choose to
start with 3, 5 or 7 Players per Credit.

SOUND TEST: Select a number between zero and
forty-four by pressing the D-Button left or right. Then
press Button A, B or C to hear the sound.

CONTROL: Press the D-Button left or right to change
the configuration (there are two different settings).

EXIT: Select this option and press Button A, B, or C to
return to the Title screen. Press the Start Button again
to see the Mode Select screen, select a 1 or 2 Player
Game, and begin play.

By Hook or By Crook!

The Bonanzas have been hired to check up on a rich
businessman's security teams. Guide Mike (and/or

Spike) through each building, using the D-Button to
move about. Jump over obstacles. Watch for rakes or
empty cans lying about- the guards aren't very tidy!
Grab the flashing objects and carry them out to the exit.
Shoot enemies with your stun gun every chance you get.