Know the Score

You get points for each enemy you wallop. Each piece of
evidence you pick up is worth 5,000 points. If you
accumulate 200,000 points before the guards wipe out all
your Players, you get an extra Player. Any time
remaining after you've cleared a stage earns you points
as well.

Game Over/Continue

You begin the game with 4
Credits. Each Credit is
worth a certain number of
Players (selected at the
Options screen). Each time
your Brother is hit by an
enemy attack, his body
flashes and you lose one

Player. As each Credit is used up, the word "Continue"
appears on your Main Game Screen. To keep playing,
press the Start Button before the timer reaches zero.
When all Players and Credits are used up, the game

Free as a Bird!

  • Some enemy guards carry shields, so be sure to hide
    until they show their backsides. Attack fron the rear!

  • If an enemy is waiting just on the other side of a door
    that you want to go through, open it quickly and
    flatten him like a pancake!

  • If a guard is standing just at the bottom or top of a
    staircase, stay on the stairs until he moves. You'll