Game M G S
 Sagaia      G S
 Sailor Moon  
 Saint Sword      G
 Samurai Showdown  
 Saturday Night Slam Masters  
 Scooby Doo Mystery  
 Second Samurai  
 Sekai Shokubo Sohansen  
 Sensible Soccer  
 Sesame Street Counting Cafe  
 Shadow Blasters      G
 Shadow Dancer      G
 Shadow of the Beast  
 Shadow of the Beast 2  
 ShadowRun M G
 Shane Warne Cricket (see Brian Lara Cricket '96)  
 Shaq Fu      G
 Shining Force - The Legacy of Great Intention      G
 Shining Force 2 - Return of the King      G
 Shining in the Darkness      G
 Shinobi 3 - Return of the Ninja Master      G
 Shinomekyu (see  Fatal Labyrinth)  
 Shove it! - The Warehouse game  
 Side Pocket  
 Skeleton Krew  
 Slaugter Sport  
 Smash TV  
 Smurfs 2 - Smurf Around the World  
 Snake Rattle n Roll  
 Snow Bros - Nick & Tom  
 Soleil (see Crusader of Centy)  
 Sonic the Hedgehog M G
 Sonic the Hedgehog 2 M G
 Sonic 3      G
 Sonic & Knuckles      G
 Sonic Special Stages  
 Sonic 2 & Knuckles      G
 Sonic 3 & Knuckles      G
 Sonic 3D Blast  
 Sonic Spinball      G
 Sorcerers Kingdom  
 Space Harrier 2  
 Space Invaders '91      G
 Sparkster - RocketKnight Adventures 2  
 Speedball 2 - Brutal Deluxe  
 Spider-Man & the X-men - Arcade's Revenge      G
 Spider-Man - The Animated Series      G
 Spider-Man Vs the Kingpin      G
 Spiderman and Venom - Separation Anxiety      G
 Spiritual Warfare  
 Splatterhouse 2      G
 Splatterhouse 3      G
 Sports Talk Baseball  
 Spot Goes to Hollywood  
 Star Control      G
 Star Flight      G
 Stargate      G
 Star Trek the Next Generation - Echoes from the Past  
 Steel Empire  
 Steel Talons  
 Stimpy's Invention starring Ren & Stimpy      G
 Stormlord      G
 Story of Thor, The (see Beyond Oasis)  
 Street Fighter 2 - Special Champion Edition      G
 Street Racer  
 Streets of Rage      G
 Streets of Rage 2      G
 Streets of Rage 3      G
 Streetsmart      G
 Strider      G
 Strider 2      G
 Sub Terrania      G
 Sumo Wrestling (See Aah! Harimanada)  
 Sunset Riders  
 Super Airwolf  
 Super Baseball 2020  
 Super ChaseHQ 2 (see Chase HQ 2)  
 Super Donkey Kong '99  
 Super Hang-On      G
 Super High Impact  
 Super Hydlide  
 Super Kickboxing (see Best of the Best - Championship Karate)  
 Super Kick-Off  
 Super Mario World  
 Super Masters Golf (See Arnold Palmer's Tournament Golf)  
 Super Monoco Gp      G
 Super Monaco GP 2 (See Ayrton Senna's Monaco GP 2)  
 Super Skid Marks M
 Super Street Fighter 2 -The New Challengers      G
 Super Thunder Blade      G
 Super Volley Ball  
 Superman      G
 Surging Aura  
 Sword of Sodan  
 Sword of Vermillion      G
 Syura No Mon