Defeat the Dictator!

The Aria Republic was a free world. But its military commanders lusted for power. Setting up an immense army, the tyrants fought their way to dominance. Now the world is enslaved under the rule of an oppressive dictator, Herzog Eins, Supreme Commander One.

But one high-ranking general, Ludwig, remembered the freedom of the lost Republic, and determined to put an end to tyranny. He secretly gathered a powerful armed force. Driven by hatred of the oppressors, this mighty army burst upon the enemy's strongholds in a tremendous revolt

Now they face the war machines of General Balsaga, leader of the Herzog's forces. His orders: Destroy the rebels!

From their home bases, the armies advance with ground, air, and naval might. The sides are evenly matched, man for man, weapon for weapon. Each battle is an explosive struggle for control. Advance bases are gained, lost, and gained again! The battlegrounds roar with cannon fire, shatter under exploding missiles, and burn to the ground in bomb bursts.

Each high commander plots a secret attack plan, then sends his forces into battle. From jungle to town to icefield, the whole world is at war! As battalions are destroyed, others mobilize to continue the fight!

Only one high commander can succeed. Will it be you? Can you overpower the enemy? Can you save the world? Can you become Supreme Commander Two -- Herzog Zwei!



1:Cover 2:Defeat the Dictator 3:Take Control 5:War! 6:Configuration Mode Screens
9:Your Fighting Forces 10:Strength & Ammo Bars 11:Strategy Screens 12:Money
13:Buying Weapons, Troops & Commands 14:Moving Troops & Weapons 15:Radar
16:Bases & Weapons 18:Commands 19:Battle Stages 23:Continue Screen
24:End of Game Sreen & Staying Alive!