The world is at war! When you turn on your Game System, the Title screen appears. Then the demonstration battles begin.

As high commander, you're in charge of mobilizing and controlling all troops. You must occupy the neutral bases and gain control of the enemy's advance bases. You decide what weapons to deploy and where to place your forces. You must also protect your occupied territory from enemy attacks. Your final objective -- and the final battle -- is destroying the enemy's base camp.

Player 1 always controls the red fighting forces. Player 2 or the computer always controls the blue forces. Press the Start button during a demonstration battle to get back to the Title screen.

Winning Battles

You attack the enemy in eight different battle stages of four levels each. With the right tactics you can occupy all neutral camps and seize the enemy's advance camps. When the enemy's total strength is low (see Strength and Ammo Bars on page 10), you have the best chance of destroying his base camp. Succeed and you win the battle. The level ends and you can begin a new battle.

Total Victory!

When you defeat the enemy in all levels of all stages, you win the war. If he gains the advantage and destroys you in all levels, he wins. The final victor becomes Supreme Commander!



1:Cover 2:Defeat the Dictator 3:Take Control 5:War! 6:Configuration Mode Screens
9:Your Fighting Forces 10:Strength & Ammo Bars 11:Strategy Screens 12:Money
13:Buying Weapons, Troops & Commands 14:Moving Troops & Weapons 15:Radar
16:Bases & Weapons 18:Commands 19:Battle Stages 23:Continue Screen
24:End of Game Sreen & Staying Alive!