Cont (Continue)

One-player games (against the computer) offer a Continue selection on the Configuration Mode screen.

1. If you make it successfully through the first stage, you'll see a password on screen after each succeeding battle, whether you win or lose. Write down the password.

2. To continue your game, select Continue on the Configuration Mode screen. The Password window opens.

3. Press the D Button up and down to move the cursor left and right on the password line, until it's over the letter you want to change.

4. Press the D Button right and left to select the letter in the alphabet that you want to place in the password.

5. Press Button A or C to place the selected alphabet letter in the password, in the position marked by the cursor.

6. When the password is correct, move the cursor to End and press Button C.

7. If the password is correct, the message "Correct" appears. Press Button A to see the Battle Stages window. The letters for the stage types you have already conquered will be dark. Now you can select your next stage and type from among the ones you haven't yet succeeded in. The password remains on screen. Move the cursor to End and press Button C to continue.

8. If the password isn't correct, the message "Password Error" appears. Press any Button, then enter your password again.



1:Cover 2:Defeat the Dictator 3:Take Control 5:War! 6:Configuration Mode Screens
9:Your Fighting Forces 10:Strength & Ammo Bars 11:Strategy Screens 12:Money
13:Buying Weapons, Troops & Commands 14:Moving Troops & Weapons 15:Radar
16:Bases & Weapons 18:Commands 19:Battle Stages 23:Continue Screen
24:End of Game Sreen & Staying Alive!