Buying Weapons, Troops, and Commands

You can buy new weapons, troops, and commands at any time (as long as you have the money).
  1. Press Button C to open the Strategy screen.
  2. Press the D Button up to move the marker to the weapons item (if it isn't already there)
  3. Move the D Button right or left to change the selection to the weapon or troop strength you want.
  4. Press the D Button down to move the marker to the command item.
  5. Move the D Button right or left to change the selection to the command that your new weapon or troops will follow.
  6. Press Button B to place your order. Your amount of money decreases by the total cost of your order. Then press Button C to return to battle.
  7. The Wrench symbol appears while your order is being filled.
Wrench symbol
  8. The OK symbol appears when your new weapons or troops are ready for transport. OK symbol
When the OK symbol appears, fly your attack jet back to your base camp. Hover over the center of the camp and press Button A. The let changes to the air transport and picks up the new cargo.
Fly to the attack position you've chosen and press Button A to unload your cargo. The weapons and troops will deploy and begin their mission, following your command.

Note: For a list of weapons and troops, see pages 16 & 17.
For a list of commands, see pages 18 & 19.



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