Your Fighting Forces

Use your fighting forces to defeat the enemy! Press Button A to transform your attack jet into an infantry soldier or air transport. Press Button B at any time to fire weapons.

Note: As high commander, learn and remember the situations in which you CANNOT transform your forces.


1. Infantry Soldier
Infantry Soldier This foot soldier attacks with a hand-held cannon during ground battles. He moves slowly and doesn't use much energy. He can only fight on level ground, and he can't climb or jump.

2. Attack Jet
Attack Jet This war machine moves fast, responds quickly, and is highly effective in battle. It gulps fuel, using three times as much energy as the infantry soldier.

3. Air Transport
Air Transport This super-sonic carrier picks up your ground troops and weapons and carries them to your next position. When loaded with cargo, it uses three times as much energy as when it's flying empty.



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13:Buying Weapons, Troops & Commands 14:Moving Troops & Weapons 15:Radar
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