4. If you chose Computer as Player 2, this window opens:
  • Choose Split to play on a split screen, with your battle action on the left and the computer's action on the right.
  • Choose Wide to see your battle action on the full screen.
  • Your choice appears in the box at the bottom of the screen.

Note: Two-player games are always played on a split screen.

Music and Sound
  1. Use the D Button to move the marker to Music or Sound on the Configuration Mode screen. Choose Music to hear battle tunes. Choose Sound to hear game sound effects. Then press Button A. B. or C.
  2. The Music and Sound box opens. Press up or down on the D Button to change the selection in the box. Then press the A Button to hear it.
  3. Press the B Button to close the Music and Sound box.



1:Cover 2:Defeat the Dictator 3:Take Control 5:War! 6:Configuration Mode Screens
9:Your Fighting Forces 10:Strength & Ammo Bars 11:Strategy Screens 12:Money
13:Buying Weapons, Troops & Commands 14:Moving Troops & Weapons 15:Radar
16:Bases & Weapons 18:Commands 19:Battle Stages 23:Continue Screen
24:End of Game Sreen & Staying Alive!