Game M G S
 Pac Attack  
 Pacman 2 - The New Adventures  
 Pac Mania      G
 Pachinko Canyon  
 Pang (see Ghost Hunter)  
 Panzer Commander (see Kishin Daisenryaku)  
 Paperboy 2 M
 Pat Riley Basketball      G
 Pebble Beach Golf Links  
 Pete Sampras Tennis  
 Pete Sampras Tennis '96 M
 PGA Tour Golf      G
 PGA Tour Golf 2      G
 PGA Tour Golf 3  
 PGA Tour 96  
 Phantasy Star 2      G
 Phantasy Star 3 - Generations of Doom      G
 Phantasy Star 4 - The End of the Millenium      G
 Phantom 2040  
 Phelios      G
 Pink Goes To Hollywood  
 Pirates! Gold  
 Pirates of Dark Water      G
 Pit-Fighter      G
 Pitfall - The Mayan Adventure      G
 Pocket Monster II  
 Populous 2 - Two Tribes  
 Power Athelete (see Deadly Moves)  
 Powerball      G
 Power Drive M
 Power Monger  
 Predator 2  
 Premier Manager 97  
 Primal Rage      G
 Prime Time NFL      G
 Prince of Persia M
 Psycho Pinball  
 Puzzle & Action - Ichidant  
 Puzzle & Action - Tanto-R  


 Game M G S
 Quad Challenge      G